Two Full Jars

Be not satisfied with partial contentment,
for he who engulfs the spring of life with
one empty jar will depart with two full jars.

source: Kahlil Gibran, Secrets of the Heart
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Amaryllis


13 thoughts on “Two Full Jars

  1. Eddie you are so right, we only see after the fact that we carried around this partial contentment and missed the value of being completely filled. Why? Because we have these bizzare notions of what constitutes complete contentment, we cannot live in the moment and see the value of that moment, we are always looking ahead to the next big thing. I try to be mindful, to be present, to be grateful, in my case depression can thwart and color that, but I do believe in the power of trying and gratitude for all that we have, especially in light of how many have so little. Thank you for this reminder my friend.

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