Love Awakens

Substantial things deaden a man without
suffering; love awakens him
with enlivening pains.

source: Kahlil Gibran, Tears and Laughter
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos


26 thoughts on “Love Awakens

  1. This is the truth; and yet, we are neither here nor there, merely happy nor grieving, just one continuous moment of flowing consciousness, being…. transcendent and present at the same time. Thank you, Eddie for this gentle reflection, and still…. i could reflect on it some more. Those are powerful words for observation.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, seem to find myself around people who live half-asleep; so I really appreciate this perspective, Eddie. As always, thank you~~

  3. Lovely!
    One of his quotes ever since I read The Prophet is: Deep sorrow drills a deep well that can be filled with deep love.
    Isn’t that true? I sort of increases the surface area for more experience of any kind.

    • What a lovely quote to share and very appreciated. You’re remark sums it up nicely.
      ‘The Prophet’ was one of the first of his books I read many a year ago.
      Thanks so much for your very interesting replay. Enjoy a happy and peaceful weekend

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