Anyone Else Skywatching?

The above photo was taken on May 22 (5/22) at 5:22am.
Mars was at 22 Gemini. Moon was in Taurus (2nd house)

source: Eddie’s Journal
image: Eddie’s Photos


23 thoughts on “Anyone Else Skywatching?

  1. Yes here it was a full orange moon hanging low on the horizon…..omg all thisis so spectacular and always humbles me…a huge reminder to stop sweating the small stuff.

  2. Impressive for several reasons…
    The sky was ultra clear.
    At 5:22 in the morning, I would have expected more light from approaching dawn.

    Your higher self nudged you out with plenty of time to merge with the morning, soak it all in, and to record a special moment.

    That might have been the morning that I painted until about that time, so was going to sleep about the time the world was awakening.

    Thank you for capturing and sharing a particular lovely moment in the oh-so-brief time we have on this planet!

    • Early morning is a usual start time for me. Outside with ‘Joey’ (dog) and coffee,
      but not the camera. Something was different about that morning. You see it here.

      As you say, we only have a brief moment in time, let’s share it.
      Thanks so very much for your kindness Lisa. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?

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