Astound Yourself

If we all did the things we are
really capable of doing, we would
literally astound ourselves.

source: Thomas A. Edison
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

photo: Bamboo


25 thoughts on “Astound Yourself

  1. I am always astounded at the capabilities we humans can achieve .. When we set our minds to it.. I have some bamboo in my garden to hide the home greenhouse from view.. The astounding rate of growth is amazing.. and it provides all my garden canes too.. 🙂
    Wishing you well in your weekend to come Eddie..
    Lovely to catch up with you again dear friend

  2. That is so true. Here at the earthquake zone, I found myself with a rapt audience as I painted seven ‘tombs’ that were in one block. The families are poor, and only the name/date of death were scraped into the concrete and later painted. I offered to paint flowers across the facade and then the names, date of birth and of death. Each day the workers paused to peer over my shoulder, and sometimes the family members. They are desperate for work; many focus on what they don’t have yet do not realize how many talents they do indeed have. We discussed having some workshops at night, where perhaps they can use discarded boards that are scattered along the curbs – and make them into little stools, swing seats, artisan objects… It would be wonderful to witness these kind sweet residents astound themselves…

    Great and very inspiring quote. Thanks!

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