The Miracle

Life is not a game and Earth
is not a ‘game board’. Look
upon all as the miracle that
it is and you will always
be rewarded with happiness
and fulfillment.

source: Eddie’s Journal 2017
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos


24 thoughts on “The Miracle

  1. Wow. Spot on. Beautifully written. Depth and simplicity. “Is-ness” the truth no matter how one attempts to approach that statement. I believe tpu just defined the key to life in your original way. Artistry and truth – Lasting words. Wowowwo. Thank you.

  2. Two posts in one day! :))

    We don’t often stop and truly look at what’s around us, underfoot – or remember to cherish all of our senses… We forget to acknowledge the ‘support’ cast that’s within the range of our senses… Even this hardy and lovely flower has its own miracle properties for fighting cancer…

    Thanks for the extra dose of positive food for thought!

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