One Humanity

They say lines drawn on a map define
who we are. They cross mountains, they
cross oceans, they cross deep valleys
were nothing used to be. Is this what
makes our minds and our hearts?
Oceans divide us, mountains divide us,
rivers divide us, must they separate
our soul and destiny too?
We are one humanity. We all get up in the
morning with the same hopes and dreams
of success, of love, of honor, and of happiness.
The fight we see and share is the same
fight we have with our own self,
overflowing onto the streets of humanity
everywhere in the world. Don’t you see it?
Stop for a moment and think. Stop destroying
every potential for helping yourself or others.
What will happen by my actions today?
Will they share in the bounty of blessings
we all share? Will they put a smile
on someone’s face?
Let’s make it so.

source: Eddie’s Journal 2017
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Red Rose July 2016


16 thoughts on “One Humanity

  1. I so a your teachings Eddie…and those artificial divisions…I prefer to think of myself as a global citizen…have a wonderful day Eddie smiles from sunny etown ☀️😎😀

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