We Like Real People

We think sometimes we’re only drawn
to the good, but we’re actually
drawn to the authentic. We like
people who are real more than those
who hide their true selves under
layers of artificial niceties.

source: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos


19 thoughts on “We Like Real People

  1. I just realized all the pictures are yours from your garden. That is very impressive. Due to my traveling, I am unable to have a garden (or even plants) but it’s something that I find very relaxing and beautiful 🙂

      • The care they need is to give them a home where they will
        be able to survive and thrive through the seasonal changes
        here in Florida. Some plants are in pots, some in the ground.
        We have had frost here although not in recent years, damaging
        some plants, which are mainly tropical. It’s been 10 years
        since hurricane Wilma which destroyed a great deal of the garden.

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