Fear of the Unknown

People have a hard time letting go
of their suffering. Out of a fear
of the unknown, they prefer
suffering that is familiar.

source: Thich Nhat Hanh
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Caladiums 2016


16 thoughts on “Fear of the Unknown

  1. A friend and I discussed this yesterday; her concerns are for her sister, who seems to pair off with the typecast controlling latin male…. and it ends in sadness or pain.. yet she mends and then repeats the cycle with another controlling person…. my friend had discussed the father’s similar behavior… I thought about an old saying, ‘Girls often marry men like their fathers – that’s why so many mothers cry at the weddings.’ It wasn’t an appropriate moment to share a lighter view of their very-serious dilemma…

    • Hello Lisa and thanks so very much for sharing this not too uncommon story.
      Why is it heard again and again? Sadly, human beings are slow to change.
      Great, and I do mean great effort must be applied to make a change in our
      behavior, whether male or female. Time and time again will we be tested.
      Standing firm in an effort to change is the only way. You know this.
      Enjoy all your days in peace and patience. Eddie

      • That is a beautiful reply, and I agree, “Time and time again we will be tested.” Another friend and I were discussing those surprise moments when Life catches us off guard and tosses us pop tests.. They help me realize that there’s still a lot of work to be done!

        Thanks so much for your beautiful reply.
        Btw, I was recently at a place called “Poza Honda” – wow, stunning and peaceful – there’s a very unique energy there… Perhaps I might move there – still in incubation right now…

      • Just read your savory post moments ago. I start to drool a little when I see and read about places like this.
        Will I ever ‘travel’ again, is a question I have asked myself recently. Right ‘now’ needs to take care of ‘now’,
        and ‘later’ will take care of ‘later’ as it comes. This I know.
        Thanks so much for sharing your life and your kindness Lisa

  2. Yes…this is so and we don’t even know until a tiny crack appears in the shell of our existence letting light illuminate the truth of how we are living our lives. Gratefully more and more are awakening and choosing a new life full of love.

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