First Discipline and Control


To enjoy good health, to bring true
happiness to one’s family, to
bring peace to all, one must
first discipline and control
one’s own mind.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Ginger Pushing Through the Walk


14 thoughts on “First Discipline and Control

    • ‘Stilling’ the mind becomes easier for one who has been practicing ‘control’ and ‘discipline’.
      He says ‘one must first’ do these things to bring peace and find true happiness.

      • Controlling the mind is achieved with effortless effort, which is not the same as conventional control, for, there mist be no “doership” of the ego, in controlling the mind, thus, a quiet mind is attained by awareness, not control.

    • It certainly does only, I think I would say all ‘of the strife we see in the world comes from within ourselves’.
      Thanks so much for leaving us with your kind thoughts today.

  1. Lovely post Eddie. The quote is a jewel, and I also like the photo, with the plant pushing it’s way through rocks and debris–a wonderful accompaniment.

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