You Have a Will

In you, as in all men, are natural powers.
You have a will. Learn to use it. Make it
work for you. Sharpen your senses as you
sharpen your knife. We can give you
nothing. You already possess everything
necessary to become great.

source: Legendary Dwarf Chief, Crow
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Crepe Myrtle Summer 2017


8 thoughts on “You Have a Will

  1. I think that the Indigenous’ secret is silence; if one doesn’t disconnect, it’s difficult to tap into that serene connection with our natural gifts.

    The crepe myrtle looks fresh and lovely – and quite low to the ground. I wondered, “Is it a dwarf variety?” and then smiled when I saw the source/author of the quote!

    • While in Chiapas, where the indigenous peoples outnumber any other group, it delighted and amazed me just how quiet the people where. They spoke very, very little to each other in the market or on the road as they passed each other in their travels.
      The crepe myrtle is still young, (maybe 6 years now) and not a dwarf

      • I asked an ‘earthy’ older friend once, if I had such troubles adjusting to a city for a month, how do the Indigenous adapt? He replied, “They don’t; they die a little each day from soul rot.”

        The secret to inner peace is so easy that many think it’s impossible to be profoundly happy with basically nothing… they are the ones who lose… I think that their left brain stays active and they never allow that quieter side to speak… if/when they do – they find peace…. Hmmm, maybe I can squeeze a story in today’s Timeout for Art….

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