It’s About Time

Time is a created thing. To say
‘I don’t have time,’ is like
saying, ‘I don’t want to.

source: Lao Tzu
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Volunteer Zucchini


8 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. My own courgettes are doing well too Eddie, or as you say Zucchini 🙂 We have had an abundance of them. And I have been creating time to do other things. like knit this last two weeks.. 😀 we have to make time.. to do that which we want to achieve..
    Sending Mega Hugs your way my friend.. And I have missed so many of your great posts.. lovely to enjoy my catch ups with you xx

  2. Interesting perspective. The implication is that we can create enough time to do all we truly want to do. That is a skill I have not yet learned, in spite of all the time manipulations I have learned…

    It does, however, highlight the importance of choice in prioritizing our activity. But even that seems over simplified, in that it minimizes the very human struggle to do so. Yes, easy to say family first when you want to play hookie from work, but when the bills come due, was it truly worth it? How best to balance long term and short term benefits in prioritizing time?

    Of course, my limited experience with Lao Tzu is that simple is the norm, and the goal, so perhaps I just have much more work to do… 😀

    • Interesting thinking Lisa, you certainly have taken your ‘time’ to give this one great consideration.
      It does make you wonder just what you need ‘to do’ and what it is you ‘don’t need to do’. Maybe
      the answer is, if you set your priorities straight, you’ll be on the right track.
      Take a little ‘time’ and think about this one Lisa and I am sure you will sort it all out.
      Thanks so much for your kind response. Have a peaceful weekend. Eddie

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