That’s the Message

When another person makes you suffer,
it is because he suffers deeply within
himself, and his suffering is spilling
over. He does not need punishment;
he needs help. That’s the
message he is sending.

source: Thich Nhat Hanh
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Philodendron Summer 2017


23 thoughts on “That’s the Message

  1. I try to remember this with a certain individual but they do make it difficult sometimes! In the midst of exercising great tolerance and understanding you can also be trying – or of not you should be, to look after yourself too in terms of dealing with the inevitable fallout from constantly emotionally battered feelings. You can shield yourself from negativity only so much.

  2. All we need do at times is look from a different perspective.. And most often all someone needs is to be loved. Learning how to reach out to them is the key.. For often love has been replaced by hate.. Food for thought you have given Eddie xx

    • There’s a full meal here that provides us with mindful words which touch our own heart.
      Thank you so much Sue for your kind and thoughtful response today. Peaceful day to you

  3. People who are a pain, are usually in pain. It’s a good message for teenagers … and the teenager inside us all πŸ’›
    Thanks Eddie πŸ™

  4. “…He does not need punishment;
    he needs help. That’s the
    message he is sending….”

    That is a beautiful thought for the day.
    We all have people in our lives who present challenges, and they help us to grow as well – especially if they help us to apply this message for today.

    Thank you for this. it gave me comfort.

      • That ‘attitude’ also helps me a lot here in the earthquake area.. I witness a lot of people with short tempers – especially when they are driving.. but instead of being irritated, I think, ‘They’ve been through a lot and deserve patience— not a retort…’

        Thanks for the thoughtful feedback you give others!

    • Such a busy world, many of us get caught up in all the routine matters of daily living.
      It is difficult to think about someone else’s problems when we may be experiencing
      so many of our own. Funny thing is they may be very much like ours.

  5. Feeling the peace and vibrancy of your garden in this picture, providing a much appreciated boost. Thank you for sharing it, Eddie!

    P.S. Don’t be surprised if you sense a strange shadow wandering there today. I’m feeling an overwhelming urge to visit… πŸ˜€

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