Live the Life Imagined

I learned this, at least, by my experiment:
that if one advances confidently in the
direction of his dreams, and endeavors
to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success
unexpected in common hours.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Walden
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Split Leaf 


18 thoughts on “Live the Life Imagined

    • You’re very welcome Melanie. So pleased to learned how much you enjoy Thoreau.
      Thank you very much for your kind response and have a most peaceful week. Eddie

  1. Ah, Thoreau! One who stayed true to his inner voice, and whose words continue to inspire and encourage!

    That’s a wild and uninhibited monstera – living true to Thoreau’s advice! Nice image to pair with the quote!

    • He was dedicated to nature, simplicity, and the art of finding true happiness.
      Thank goodness he also had a tremendous talent with the written word.
      These plants do well here. Thanks so much for your kind remarks Lisa

    • Thoreau is a favored American author on this site as well. His words can blend the body and soul of the Earth and human beings
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Ralph

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