They are Necessities

Love and compassion are necessities,
not luxuries. Without them,
humanity cannot survive.

source: Dalai Lama XIV
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Caladium Summer 2017


12 thoughts on “They are Necessities

  1. Hi Eddie; great quote, and one worth discussing in a casual group setting.

    Some people can easily give unconditional love and compassion, and others sometimes have trouble, especially if they’re introverted or have been affected by unkind people. From my own experience, getting older helps so much – of being uninhibited and giving love to the stranger on the street, in line at the market, to the children of the owners of the hostal or to a lonely person fighting a terminal illness… The human spirit craves that love and compassion, yet there is a fine line at times in knowing when to openly give…

    A genuine smile is always a good start!

    • A most interesting response Lisa. Yes, the ‘human spirit craves love and compassion’
      and it’s a wise man (or woman) who knows when to give it. But who can refuse a friendly smile?
      However, those who don’t know whether they want it or not, probably need the most.
      Thanks very much for your thoughtful and kind words today. Enjoy the beauty of the day, Eddie

    • Hello Kim,
      I understand why you might be saying what you are saying.
      However, I ask you to please think about what the Dalai Lama is saying here:
      “…Love and compassion are necessities…Without them humanity cannot survive.”

      • I do understand Eddie, but the big picture of humanity is made up of billions of humans. A lot of those humans receive no love or compassion and literally feel dead as a consequence. So I am agreeing with the Dalai Lama and you.

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