When you have exhausted all possibilities,
remember this – you haven’t.

source: Thomas A. Edison
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos


24 thoughts on “When

  1. This is perfect for me today! Thank you, Eddie!
    PS. I found another piece you might like. I’ll send it tomorrow.

  2. yup often a message for me and then I keep going…sleep is best and then I go again…and I’ve learned about stillness too….big summer smiles and hugs to you Eddie 🤗😎☀️

  3. That is so true.. I hope those in powerful positions also would use this as their motto.. Instead of going head first with no thought.. Have a Peaceful Sunday dear Eddie 💙

    • Everyday demands added to increasing burdens creates insurmountable exhaustion that can only
      be cured with rest. Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts Kim

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