A Burning Tourch

The human soul is but part of a burning
torch which God separated from
Himself at Creation.

source: Kahlil Gibran, The Words of the Master
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos


18 thoughts on “A Burning Tourch

  1. Oh dear Eddie, could you check your spam, as it appears my comments are going missing.. Love and Blessings as I use my garden blog logo.. I will not be able to receive your replies from this one, as they do not register in my notifications.. Fingers crossed xxx Sue

      • Thats where he will go back to. I will fly for a photo session to AK in a few weeks. Bitter sweet one this time. But yes, so wonderful!

      • The process of one’s natural death reminds me very much of labor, giving birth. It sounds stupid, but I was reminded of that again Sunday night. I felt the same warmth, light, which is hard to explain. Almost something like comfort around us through the pain.

      • Sounds like it was ‘something special’ tailored just for you. Although, I understand
        thoroughly what you are saying.
        I will say only this, I have had a very similar experience with someone I was close to.
        Your words are oddly familiar. It is a great pleasure meeting and sharing with you.

      • That is weird, isn’t it……. I’ve never heard anyone else saying this either………! Great to meet you as well. Love the exchange and insight!

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