Solar Eclipse Chart

The above chart is generated for
those who might be interested in
the planetary placement during the
upcoming Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on
August 21 at 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight
Time. Local charts would change planetary
placement. Those who know their chart
will greatly benefit from this information.

source: Eddie Two Hawks

no post on August 21


18 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Chart

    • Hello Kim,
      Happy to hear from you. Our Solar System, indeed our Universe is quite a wonder (to me). I have marveled
      at it since childhood. To think that our planetary system affects our lives is really something to ponder about.
      Thanks so very much for your kindness Kim, have a beautiful day

  1. Yes i love this too Eddie and that as you say magic in the air off to the woods now ☺️🌝 have an amazing day! Smiles many and thank you for your teachings ☺️

  2. Have a wonderful eclipse day! We had one in 1999 – Kemo Sabe and Uncle Johnny stood outside as the birds stopped singing and the day darkened – magic! Pip

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