Something Whispers to Me

There is something that whispers
to me it would prudent to
listen to offers of peace.

source: Little Turtle, Miami 1794
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
(please do not copy)


8 thoughts on “Something Whispers to Me

  1. ok eddie.. am here in the republic of panama and watching the storms and the fires via internet… i rolled back to an earlier post to ask for your location so i can send a more-direct positive energy in your direction… i respect your choices, and may you and your family be safe and dry after the storm/storms pass.

    tomorrow/friday i return to ecuador but will be thinking of all who are in the storm’s path.

    • Perhaps I misunderstood Lisa, we are near Ft Myers. It is in the very southwest corner of the state.
      Just a few miles as the crow flies from the Gulf, but there are outer island, including Ft. Myers Beach, a large resort town.
      Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and words. They are always most meaningful, especially at this time.

      • you surely know what is best, and i am sure all will be ok. i now have ft myers on my autopilot energy radar….

        plenty of water and tuna and crackers in case of long-term power outages… you know that!

        in ecuador i have a small portable water purifier, which is one of the main concerns if another earthquake hits….

        you, of course, have a protective aura and also positive attitude, and will be a lighthouse in good weather or in bad…

        watching the sat images for the past few days, i get strong feelings that irma has a really mean temperament… it will be a relief when she’s put to pasture in the weather history books.

        i find it interesting that the international news down here has not mentioned the oregon fires.. not one word….

      • Our local stations were totally filled with news of this incredibly horrific storm. Thank you so very much dear heart for your kind good wishes which I am sure played a role in keeping us safe.
        Love and hugs, Eddie

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