Its Greatest Value

The need to set aside a particular
time of day to meditate may prove
unrealistic for some. Be still
when the mood strikes and you may
experience its greatest value.

source: Eddie Two Hawks
images: Eddie’s Images
(please do not copy)


16 thoughts on “Its Greatest Value

    • This hurricane was a bad one leaving millions including myself in Florida without power for days (5)
      and in some cases weeks. Clean up will continue for some time. Good hearing from you Kim

      • There were moments when we wondered if we were going to be OK. It was blowing and raining very hard. There just
        wasn’t anywhere else to go, except the closet, our ‘safe place’. So we grabbed the dog and cat and went there.
        Soon, that worst part was over.

  1. Buenos dias; an hour into ‘wakefulness’ and before uttering the first spoken word of the day, i appreciated this jewel of advice and encouragement. Although I am wading through cyber notifications, Sunday-morning samples of
    literature’ and summaries of Latin America’s past-week headlines, the biggest question mark for me is ‘what’s happening in Texas/Louisiana’ as well as noting the absence of posts from Texas blogger friends. Thanks, Eddie, for helping hold the positive during the literal storm.

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