When you are courting a nice girl
an hour seems like a second.
When you sit on a red-hot cinder
a second seems like an hour.
That’s relativity.

source: Albert Einstein
image: Eddie’s Images
(please do not copy)


10 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. Ah, it’s always comforting to receive wise counsel in the subtle form of humor!. so true – yesterday friends and i worked on a painting project which required only patience and attention to the task of painting somewhat straight lines. three people helped – all of us older than 60, and there was a collective ‘sweetness’ of working in silence, surrounded by nature, and as other obligations called, one said goodbye and left.. another said goodbye and traded brush for cooking utensils, and the last two —- we had a hard time stopping and finally stated we’d best go see what had been cooked or we’d miss dinner! we painted seven hours straight, and it seemed like one or two!

    I’ll share this with them after breakfast when we resume the painting… — we’re painting ‘tromp l’oeil’ mosaics on a guest house kitchen counter!

    • Oh so very true Lisa. You and your friends have found a ‘purpose’ not only to paint
      and finish your work but to grow inside and out.
      ‘Purpose’ in life enlarges the scope and meaning that makes you all want to get out
      of bed in the morning with a sparkle in your eye and excitement in your whole body.

      • Yes, I agree so much and often say to friends that it’s important to awaken with a smile in one’s heart…

        Looks like we’re about to start boarding the flight – time to go silent for another stretch of time!

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