Seek Now

Seek now the meaning of all things so
that your suffering may end. Do not wait,
believing that you will find knowledge
after you have taken on a new body.

source: The Pistis Sophia
image: Eddie’s Photos
Hawk on Oak Summer 2015


49 thoughts on “Seek Now

  1. Very profound words. Wondering if we find life-sustaining meaning within our suffering, not to end it. It is in seeking meaning in all things that even our suffering gives us some learning, even though this suffering is not, in and of itself, redemptive.

    • The most difficult matters in life can have the most profound effect on us.
      Your thoughts, words, and reflections are most appreciated Jeffrey.
      Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Eddie, you and your family are held within my thoughts dear friend, stay safe, I intended to catch up and comment upon all the posts I had missed my friend.. But the last thing you need now are lots of comments pending..
    So I will look back and click like my friend..
    Know you are a valued friend, and I hope that you and your wife and your beloved homestead and garden remain protected..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤

    • Dear Sue, thank you so very much for such kind words of concern. We held up and are persevering through the aftermath. There was and still remains plenty to do in the gardens. Thankfully our good home was barely affected.
      Catching up on line and fresh posts are another matter and will not be coming all too soon however.
      Sending peace and love to my dearest friend, Eddie

      • Eddie, I have visited several times, and I am relieved to know you and your family are safe and well, I would think your gardens need lots of attention, and posts can wait.. The main thing is you are OK.. I will go tell Lisa, over at Playamart-Zeebra Designs, she has been asking after you here.. 🙂 We LOVE you.. you see lol 🙂 Take care.. and sending much love and Peace back xx ❤

  3. Stay safe, Eddie. I’m keeping you and your wife as well as everyone in Florida (including family members and friends) in my prayers.

    • Indeed much of my family are now here in southwest Florida.
      We have made our plans for this storm and now awaiting its arrival.
      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers

      • it is here…sunny and warm…saw the moon at sunrise in the woods so yes it’s a beautiful day….sending you loving kindness…be safe! xo

      • I don’t have telly but I read the news and I hope you are safe Eddie…I’m thinking of my friends in Cuba too…sending you safety vibes and hugs …it sounds terrible …

      • It was very terrible Hedy. No electricity for 5 days afterwards made recovery all that much slower. Picking up the scattered pieces of our garden will continue for some time. Fortunately our home remained in tacked. No internet for nearly a week after power returned. Even then it was messed up.
        miss you, Eddie

      • you’ve been in my thoughts as so many ppl are in some crisis and as i’ve said my empathy feels heightened even more…BIG hugs and all good things to you Eddie…take care of you! i’ve missed you too 😀 sending loving kindness ❤

  4. Comments closed on *Irma…just want to say, you and your family are in my thoughts and ❤ as I make my way home tonight from visiting my sister in Delray Beach. I look forward to hearing from you at the other end of it next week. Be safe and well!

  5. Hi Eddie,
    I pray for you and your friends and family affected by Irma. Setting an intention that the storm will weaken and move back to the sea away from land,

    with love and peace, Linda

  6. Wise words Eddie, and I notice they are from The Pistis Sophia. I haven’t read this book but have it in mind to obtain it. I believe it is the truth we need. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Yes, it is a beautiful day, soft rain this morning, then some sunshine, still warm, but a grey cloudy evening, and I think and pray for you, and all facing the storm of Irma. I prayed that it would simply dissolve and do no harm. All thoughts are positive, keep safe.

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