Eddie Two Hawks

returning soon


59 thoughts on “YES!

  1. It’s so great to see your smoke signals as well as the beauty from your gardens.

    Friends here in the cloud forest told me of a ‘freak’ windstorm that once did a lot of damage to their dragonfruit farm. They were surprised later when the plants produced a bumper crop. Perhaps your gardens will explode into regeneration and reward you with an extra-special display of flowers!

    • As you say this Lisa just this morning I walked through the gardens and saw flowers poking their heads out looking
      as beautiful as ever. The one above is one of them.
      Have a beautiful day dear friend

  2. I was looking through my reader yesterday and was trying to see if you had posted anything that didn’t come to my email. I was starting to be concerned about how hard you were hit. The news makes everything sound like it’s devastated. We have no way of knowing how widespread the damage is in fact. I know you have probably had a lot to deal with and that you are still among us is very good news indeed. Thanks for letting us know.

    • It is 11 years since Wilma, the last hurricane to pass our way. This one brought heavy rain and wind that there was water and surge everywhere around us. We stayed dry and safe huddled in our house, thank goodness. Trees down everywhere means seemingly endless work. Piles at the road grow larger.

  3. We lucked-out! We’re down to having the Florida room roof fixed and we’ll be all back together in one piece!! Only went 4 days without power.

  4. So happy to see your blog once more in my reader. Sending positive energy to your family and community as it rebuilds and heals.

    love, Linda

  5. Oh, yay!! I’ve been thinking about you lately, hoping all was beginning to settle, and that you and yours made it through safely. Sending you mich love for your rebuilding efforts!

  6. Been sending all things and thoughts your way! So happy your and your loved ones are safe…big hugs and love to you Eddie from Saskatchewan 🤓💫💙 smiles hedy

  7. So glad you are back. Perhaps not a rebuild but refinement and expansion of perspectives of one’s true self. Glad your safe. Sending good jou jou for a peaceful mind, and open heart and physical health.

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