The Inner Self

As, from a blazing fire, sparks essentially akin
to it fly forth by the thousand, so also, my good friend, do various
beings come forth from the imperishable Brahman and unto Him again
He is the self-luminous and formless  Purusha, uncreated and existing
both within and without. He is devoid of prana, devoid of mind, pure,
and higher than the supreme Imperishable.
Of Him are born prana, mind, all the sense-organs,akasa, air, fire,
water, and earth, which supports all.
The heavens are His head; the sun and moon, His eyes; the quarters,
His ears; the revealed Vedas, His speech; the wind is His breath; the
universe, His heart. From His feet is produced the earth. He is, indeed,

the Inner Self of all beings.

taken from “Mundaka Upanishad” first posted 2009

image: Eddie’s Photos

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