How to Find Tranquility

Only the development of compassion
and understanding for others
can bring us the tranquility
and happiness we all seek.

Dalai Lama XIV

Eddie’s Photos
Spanish Bayonet


18 thoughts on “How to Find Tranquility

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Eddie. Could I ask whether you stay in a subtropical or semi-tropical climate? The plants in your garden are so similar to many that we have…and you are helping me learn their identities (we have only lived in this lush and abundant environment for the last 9 months).

    • South Florida is considered subtropical. It is ‘green’ here all year long.
      Plants that appear as ‘Eddie’s Photos’ are taken on the acre surrounding
      our home. Many of them where planted here by my dear wife and myself.
      Tropical climates are unique and beautiful and appeal to most.
      Thanks so much for sharing your kindness.

  2. Greetings again from Alberta, Canada, friend Eddie. Nature can be extremely kind, but nature can also be extremely brutal. Our 5 months of Winter are coming to an end. Winter boots are put away … Rubber boots are on … Flip Flop season is just around the corner … smiles … As for compassion … You have it and I have it …. and I am thankful for that. Love, cat.

    • Nature’s qualities (clouds, sunshine, thunder, etc.) reflect around us as well as through us. They can and do change our day as well as our life.
      Thanks cat for your kind and thoughtful response this morning!

  3. Oh yes, it’s all about our perception. Once we stop thinking about “the other” and realize we’re all in this together, we take that step to understanding and compassion.
    Really have been enjoying the images from your wonderful garden Eddie, thank you.

kindness is always welcome

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