Great Civilization

Great civilizations and minds have come and gone.
Only their best achievements remain.

Eddie’s Journal


Palenque Chiapas, Mexico
Eddie’s Photos
Taken on travels through
ancient cities. 35 mm camera in 1994

9 thoughts on “Great Civilization

  1. I’ve been wondering about that Eddie. A vision of someone in the future walking among the deserted skyscrapers and monuments wondering what type of people we were. And like we have done, they find images carved in things that they try to decipher. Many memorials pointing to war so they would think we too were war like.
    I shake my head if they ever discover the race that lived in the city of Sydney, they would find a huge image of a 14 meter high milk crate (and yes, the Lord Mayor is trying to get it done), and try to understand this ‘thing’ that we must have revered and even prayed to.
    No wonder we go crazy in our discoveries around the world, trying to put a round peg in a square hole can be interesting to say the least 😂
    Have a great day my friend, may your discoveries be those ever changing beautiful colors in your garden 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Sorry Eddie, I made a mistake. It is not an ‘image’ of a Milk Crate but an actual 14 meter constructed monument of it. I’m not game to look at future plans, it probably has monuments to one of those crazy things in parliament…I think its called a politician, one who builds milk crates 😂 🤣

    • It is easier to understand a walk through a garden and witness the various colors of nature
      than to view a city landscape and wonder what it’s all about.
      Thank you very much for sharing your views and thoughts on this somewhat perplexing yet simple matter.
      Have a peaceful day Mark

      the ”milk crate’ sounds more like an obsession than a ‘work of art, please don’t quote me on that

      • 😀 That’s the word I’ve been looking for Eddie…obsession. It has been thrown into their meetings to get done every few months for the last five years and there has been so much uproar over it. I cannot believe there are the homeless, starving children and ill people of all kinds, and they put so much time and money into something like this. Mind you, small mercies, the virus has them on hold.
        Have a great day dear sir, enjoy the colors that nature unfolds with ease 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. That is a wonderful shot! I’m not familiar with this particular spot, but it looks like it is very well hidden. Would you say that this image reflects a time before there was as much tourism to this location?
    I can just imagine coming upon this in the clearing after trekking through the jungle.

    • You are so right on! At that time they still were ‘uncovering’ so much more of the site.
      This picture was shot from another temple, hence the excellent view. Fortunate to visit
      these ruins many times. They are quite extensive and every time I visited them there
      was something new to see! My two daughters first came as babies, then later as young children.

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