Just a Little Differently

The perception of the world around us as seen
through our eyes is our own.  Our reactions to
our environment determines the experiences we
have and conclusions we make. Have you  ever
heard the expression “change your location
change your life”? Astrologers can make what
is called a relocated chat. It will typically
affect only an individual’s ascendant and
mid-heaven. But it can also have a dramatic
affect on house cusps. These changes usually
make a noticeable difference in any
individual’s life over time.

The New Moon in Gemini may help us recognize
how we interpret the world and view those
closest to us. The conditioning that has helped
maintain a balance within the framework of our
mind needs to be reassessed and recalibrated.
Remember that there are as many ways to look
at things as there are people looking at them.
Everyone has a mind of their own and everyone
perceives things just a little differently.

Eddie’s repost from June 2013

14 thoughts on “Just a Little Differently

  1. Thank you for your wise words, Eddie. Jimmie Buffet posits “it’s the changes in latitude, changes in attitude” but changes in longitude makes sense also. I find that changes in general gives us different perspectives, yet the Census Bureau reports that 72% of Americans live in or near their hometown.

  2. Dear Eddie, thank you for this cathartic reminder about life, perception and attitude adjustments. Great header photo to accompany your wise and wonderful words.

    • This great gathering of Ravens where across the street one afternoon.
      Couldn’t grab the camera fast enough! New Moons are always the perfect
      time for something. You choose. Hugs, Eddie

  3. I’ve been thinking very long and hard about getting my location chart done. I’m a VERY long way from where I started and wandered this planet so much. It really doesn’t feel like home anyway. 😉 Hope you are doing well.

kindness is always welcome

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