Leave Your Tracks


leave your tracks


130 thoughts on “Leave Your Tracks

  1. I just dropped by to leave my footprints on your beautiful site. It is such a healing and inspirational space…and thank you for the kind words on my photos. Have a great evening and take care.

    • I remember visiting your blog yesterday and coming away with a refreshing experience!
      Very happy to see you here, Jolynn and thank you for your subscription. enjoy the day, Eddie

      • What state are you in Eddie… I am actually from the state of Colorado and married and moved to West virginia the family tease me that I went from “Rocky Mountain High… to ” Country Roads” but you will only get this pun if you are as old as me.

      • South Florida is my home; although I am originally from another part of the country.
        I have traveled extensively throughout the lower ’48. I clearly recognize the title
        of John Devers’ great songs. enjoy your week, Eddie

  2. I love coming to your page and nosing around, it always helps me to chillax and smile. I especially love the Native Heart words of wisdom, what a beautiful culture

  3. Hi Eddie! I’m glad to find you! My own red-tail hawk feathers guided me to you 🙂 I see you as a kindred spirit, with paintbrushes and looking glasses in many of the same cultural traditions. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and the vibrations that travel with you. Much love & respect, Ka Malana.

    • Pleased to make your acquaintance Ka Malana and thank you very much for subscribing!
      Thank you also for your kind words and interesting comment. I will be visiting soon!!
      Enjoy your day, Eddie

  4. Hello Eddie
    I am new at your blog . I am so impressed .
    Congratulation for this wonderful place 🙂

  5. hello my dear friend eddie missed you so much here at wp but im going to try and be around a bit more often say one of your wise words to keep me going eddie I really need some comfort right now xxjen

    • Dear jenny,
      A wonderful surprise to hear from you dear friend!
      Many need to find solace in these difficult times. You are always most welcome
      love and light, Eddie

      • hi eddie cant look on wordpress without a hello to my special friend its been a tough time for me but im still smiling sometimes hope you are well xx big hugs

  6. I really enjoyed your blog. I write a blog about grandfathers. I would like to ask your permission to reblog the post on “Things of Their Fathers”. Please let me know. God Bless!

  7. hi eddie just came to say hello and wish you well feeling very lost just now and very single but hopefully I will find my path again hope you are well xjen

      • I could not get a lower point eddy graham was my world taking care of him and trying to get him to the transplant stage just to loose him to septicaemia now having to fight nhs for the mistakes but that’s life still positive thoughts I suppose is the only way il claw myself back your a very sweet friend xjen

      • Dear jenny,
        No moment is more uncomfortable than the tragedy of death. The closer the relationship the greater the misfortune.
        My heart shares your lose jenny; you are never alone. Thinking about you; sending prayers. love, Eddie

    • Good to hear from you anytime Jenny. It has been a while. May I offer you something I just read from the Dali Lama. You may find it interesting.
      love, Eddie

      “I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace.”

  8. Thanks my friend for your last comment…..think 🙂
    I wish you the best Eddie.


  9. hi eddie hope you are well today its been another cold one here i havent been out but will venture into the world tommorow be well eddie thanks for your special friendship xjen

  10. hi eddie hope you had a lovely xmas and happy new year im not around wp as much im afraid i was a bit of a fool and taken in by someone but anyway ive learned my lesson now i feel ive known you forever you have and hope will stay a good friend il always come back to you my special friend xjen

    • Good to hear from you Jen. Sadly it’s unfortunate news. However, it’s a new year and time to refresh.
      Smile and know that you do have good friendships! with love, Eddie

  11. …………………….✰
    ……………… …*•♥•*
    ………………..*♥♀ ♂♥*
    …………*♥♫♥▬♫♥ ♥♫▬♥♫*
    ….*♥♥☺♣♥♫♥♫♥☺♥♫ ♥♣☺♥♥*
    ◄██▓░❤•HAPPY HOLIDAYS•❤◄██▓░

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