It’s Just an Illusion

Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.

source: Albert Einstein
image: Eddie’s Images


Live Fully in Each Moment

Thank You Everyone

Do What You Love

It is very important that you only do
what you love to do. You may be poor,
you may go hungry, you may lose your
car, you may have to move into a shabby
place to live, but you will totally live.
And at the end of your days you will
bless your life because you have done
what you came here to do. Otherwise,
you will live your life as a prostitute,
you will do things only for a reason,
to please other people, and you will
never have lived, and you will
not have a pleasant death.

source: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos



Irma* is upsetting and disturbing the lives
of many people these days as she rolls over
Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and
many other outer Islands before heading
to Florida. She’ll be on our door step
all too soon and everyone here including
myself, have been already making preparations
for days. Posts from Eddie Two Hawks will
be interrupted either by these preparations
now or by power outages later. My dear wife
and I intend to stay in our house rather
then spend unknown time on the road looking
for unknown safety along with thousands who
undoubtedly are already.

*(Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm
ever recorded in the Atlantic
packing winds of 185 mph)

Watch your local news for any information
now or after the storm hits.

May peace and love shine
a light on us all.


Seek Now

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