The Miracle

Life is not a game and Earth
is not a ‘game board’. Look
upon all as the miracle that
it is and you will always
be rewarded with happiness
and fulfillment.

source: Eddie’s Journal 2017
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

Trapped in Delusion

Those who remain ignorant of Me, from
one lifetime to the next, are born into
the wombs of those who are also ignorant.
Trapped in delusion, they fall ever
lower into the realms of existence.

source: The Bhagavad Gita
image: Eddie’s Images


My Weakness

That deed which in our guilt we today
call weakness, will appear tomorrow
as an essential link in the
complete chain of Man.

source: Kahlil Gibran, The Words of the Master
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Caladium Summer 2016

Relax Your Mind

Sit up straight.
Close mouth,
breathe deep slowly,
relax your mind,
stop thinking,
feel anxiety drain from every muscle.
Breathe deep slowly,
relax your body,
feel every pain,
let it go.
Breathe deep slowly,

source: Eddie’s Journal
image: Eddie’s Images

Kiss the Earth

Walk as if you are kissing the
Earth with your feet.

source: Thich Nhat Hanh
image: Eddie’s Images
‘Buddha Nature’

Walking Through the Maze

To walk safely through the maze
of human life, one needs the light
of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

Boundless Love

Let him radiate boundless love towards
the entire world – above, below, and across
– unhindered, without ill will, without enmity.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Red Roses June 2017