Know the Rules

Know the rules well, so you
can break them effectively.

source: Dalai Lama XIV
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Pink Frangipani summer 2017


Like a Lighted Torch

It is like a lighted torch whose
flame can be distributed to ever so
many other torches which people may
bring along; and therewith they will
cook food and dispel darkness, while
the original torch itself remains
burning ever the same. It is even
so with the bliss of the Way.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Pink Rose Autumn 2015

A Stranger

It was weeks of clearing and cleaning
before we actually could start to look
around and see what was left in the
gardens in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
One afternoon, my dear wife lifted her
head from her raking and saw this
amazing lizard looking down at her
from a tree. By the time I could
retrieve the camera, he had turned
around. We had never seen anything
like him before. It seems he has
found a quiet place in the gardens.
He remains after weeks have gone by.
Funny thing about this guy is, he likes
to watch us as we move about.*(**)

source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

*looked for him this past weekend but sadly
he seems to have moved on

**happy  to report additional sightings of ‘the Stranger’.
If he stays around long enough, I may have to
stop calling him stranger and give him a name.


Where There is Ruin

Watching the Ripples

We sit by the side of the little Goose Pond,
to watch the ripples on it. Now it is merely
smooth, and then there drops down on it, deep
as it lies amid the hills, a sharp and narrow
blast of the icy north wind careening above,
striking it, perhaps, by a point or an edge,
and swiftly spreading along it,
making a dark blue ripple.

source: Henry David Thoreau
image: Eddie’s Images
‘Eddie’s Images’ are not photos taken by Eddie

It’s Just an Illusion

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