The Best Answer

Silence is sometimes the best answer.

source: Dalai Lama
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Spanish Moss June 2017

Seize the Moment


He who tries to seize an opportunity
after it has passed him by is like
one who sees it approach but
will not go to meet it.

source: Kahlil Gibran, The Words of the Master
image: Eddie’s Images

Beyond Joy

To recognize the One, meditate on
the Self. Then you will go
beyond joy and sorrow.

source: The Upanishads
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Miniature Gardenia Spring 2016

You Are the Answer

Life has no meaning. Each of us
has meaning and we bring it to
life. It is a waste to be
asking the question when
you are the answer.

source: Joseph Campbell
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

Impartial About All

Recognizing the unity of all life,
one sees his own Self in all other beings.
This allows one to be impartial
about all things.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

Be Yourself

When you are content to be simply
yourself and don’t compare or
compete, everyone will respect you.

source: Lao Tzu
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Gardenias Spring 2015

Love Is

Love is the absence of judgment.

source: 14th Dalai Lama
image: Eddie’s Images